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Bart Barczyk works everywhere. He sees people in context

and in detail, getting to know them through the minutiae -

he appears in their safe landscapes, waits for the appropriate shade.

His photography doesn’t cherish the illusion of a moments, but records a fraction of an instant. He knows how to come close, unnoticed, tame, perceptive and sensitive to the ‘defining moment’.

- Magdalena Felis, journalist, editor, TV producerand screenwriter -


Avdeeva, Yulianna


Gawrylyuk, Alexander

Fliter, Ingrid

Kam, Sharon

Mustonen, Olli

Osokins, Georgijs

Perényi, Miklós

Sokolow, Grigory

Stefanovich, Tamara

Szymczewska, Agata

Widmann, Jörg

Wunder, Ingolf

Yoon, Soyoung

Zimerman, Krystian



12 Cellist of the Berlin Philharmonic

AUKSO Chamber Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra

Kuss Quartet

Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Munich Chamber Orchestra

Orchestra of the Grand Theatre, Poznań

Polish National Radio Orchestra

Szczecin Philharmonic Orchestra

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra



I was born and grew up in Upper Silesia in Poland.

My story with photography began after graduation when I decided to attend a photography and film course. A teacher broughta cool old camera, showed us how to take pictures with it and that was enough to get me hooked. I can’t reminisce about my first soviet Zorka or Zenith  - I’ve never had those, ‘bad luck’ - my first equipment was much better.

Photography was supposed to be a way to impress the female friends back then; instead, I ended up being the one seduced by it.


I was a press photographer for a while; photographing artists began with a project for the Silesian Dance Theatre – the images were later exhibited at the European Parliament. I photographed dancers from all over the world in coal mines and factory halls. Many of those places don’t exist anymore but what remained with me until this day was the urge to capture emotions deriving from artistic expressions.


In 2012 I began working regularly with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra where I photographed some very special, often elusive and personal on stage and backstage moments, as well as unique artists encounters. That was also the year I did an unforgettable shoot with the late Wojciech Kilar.

Later came projects with Philip Glass and Elliot Goldenthal in New York, Krzysztof Penderecki, Sir Neville Marriner, Grigory Sokolov to name just a few Masters; and inspiring young talents, such as Yulianna Avdeeva or Georgijs Osokins among others.

Then, one day, Krystian Zimerman invited me to shoot his collaboration with Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. They were rehearsing the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor. At some point he stopped the rehearsal to say: ‘Dear musicians, the way we play this piece is too serious. Brahms was a young man when he composed it. Our interpretation cannot be deprived of a touch of madness, we mustn’t be so serious!’. When rehearsal was finished, he jumped off the stage like a true rock star. I captured that moment and realised that I am completely immersed in classical music and those who bring it to live. I don’t understand it, but its beauty makes my thoughts flow in all directions.